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Recipe for something tasty:

1 Bucket of artist expression
1 Handful of labels we love
1 Tablespoon of eastern flavoring
2 Pinches of a Red past
Bake briskly at high temperatures, and set to cool in the centre of Berlin St Petersburg

Redspective takes images from urban-artists, stencil-ists, cartoonists, illustrators, sketchers, poets and painters from all over East Europe. From our dark, deep little studio we stir the pot of techniques and offer a collection of hand-printed tee's and unique special editions. In our showroom and gallery we extend our arms to independent designers, and urban fine-art.

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Friends come hither! Take a taste of East European urban expression. Redspective clothing utilizes the works from street artists, stencil-ists, painters, illustrators, sketchers, poets from all over East Europe.

Unique images, simple design. 100% Organic Cotton, earth positive, eco friendly, water ink,

Love your body


  • Off White Nights
  • A Very Dark Winter
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Shades of Grey
  • Art Is As Art Does


  • The Absence of Sense…
  • Most Wanted
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It doesn't matter what name you've got, so long as you get used to it. -Boxi




Oh, sometimes you just have to get in there and create a community. Redspective sat in Berlin since 2007, and since beginning of 2011 we sit in St Petersburg, Russia! Sometimes we sit in other places too. Originally inspired by crazy travel through Europes last frontier, we desire to present to the world what is new, what is happening, what is now behind that old grey curtain.

We are unique t-shirts – hand printed with images from East European and Berlin urban artists and illustrators. We are a shop, once nestled in Rosa-Luxemburg Str, Berlin and soon to be recreated in our new home town. We show collections from East European designers, urban art, printed posters, and lots of other bits and pieces too.

Sometimes we have exhibitions, sometimes we have events! and sometimes we have a little party. We have developed a network, from Russia to Bulgaria, Baltics to Balkans, and of course, east side Berlin.

You have a whole world to play with, as long as you don't burn it. -RolandT

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Redspective is about the East European spirit - past, present, and defying the future.

From new era street-wear to high-end avant-garde design - the former border represents a whole new flavour - the development of culture, impression, existence, emerging form. Fashion design from the East European countries is vivid, strong and individual, curious, non-conformist and unique - and is already set in challenging the world stage.

Redspective is proud to present unique urban designer and street-wear collections from the "right" side of the continent - Russia, Prague, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary and more.
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Designer brands we have supported:

  • Hypnosis
  • Fourty-Two
  • Faye Alice
  • Hypnosis (Latvia)
  • Sistersconspiracy (Czech Rep.)
  • Fourtytwo (Russia)
  • Borodulin's (Russia)
  • GP Jeans (Lithuania)
180044 185563394813001 7064847 n Designers
  • FiFu (Serbia)
  • Funk-Fu (Czech Rep.)
  • Je suis belle (Hungary)
  • Kolovrat (Bosnia)
  • Noémi Gera (Hungary)
  • Olin (Poland)
  • Keta Gutmane (Latvia)
designers marker1 Designers
  • Totally Erected (Bulgaria)
  • Vereteno (Russia)
  • MEM Couture (Slovinia)
  • Fay Alice (Berlin)
  • Sergui Povaguin (Russia)
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GPjeans Designers
  • Art Point (Russia)
  • Stef Fauser (Berlin)
  • CSF (Hungary)
  • M Pieta (Russia)
bag Designers

Let will be dared above the passions, and become as helpless as children. -Just Believe

Objects d'Art, Magazines, and Special discoveries:

Our shop was host to the amazing world of the imagination.
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